Pastors should not be prosecuted for helping people with unwanted same-sex attraction – Christian Institute

Mar 11, 2021 by

from Christian Today:

The Christian Institute is urging the Government to protect religious freedom after a debate on conversion therapy in Parliament.

Prayer was mentioned several times in the debate, which was held in response to a petition demanding that the Government criminalise conversion therapy and make it illegal to send people overseas for it. The petition was signed over 256,000 times.

Dame Angela Eagle said: “Being told by faith leaders or your family that you are sinful, evil, and disordered for being yourself creates self-loathing and trauma that only the strongest can survive.

“Being told to pray harder to change and to question your innermost feelings and thoughts, and being taught to hate yourself—none of that should be legal.

“Conversion therapy certainly causes untold damage and trauma for those who encounter it.

[…]  Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch said the Government was “committed to ending conversion therapy in the UK”.

She said the Government did not want to prevent LGBT people from seeking support “on their own terms” and would “not dictate what is legitimate spiritual guidance”, but added that it would “not tolerate the use of harmful coercive practices under the guise of spiritual support”.

“The Government have been clear that we do not intend to stop those who wish to seek spiritual counselling as they explore their sexual orientation, but there will be cases when a line is crossed, where someone is actively seeking to change another’s sexual orientation—an innate aspect of their personal identity—via coercion under the guise of spiritual support,” she said.

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