Pediatricians: Gender ideology is the latest assault on our children

Jul 3, 2018 by

by Michelle A. Cretella and Felipe E. Vizcarrondo, LifeSite:

Gender ideology is a belief system that holds that sex is a social construct. Gender ideology teaches that every person has something called a “gender identity” in the brain that may or may not be the same as that person’s biological sex. It’s central tenet is that this “gender identity” is more real than the material biological reality of a person’s sex. In philosophical terms, it meets the definition of gnostic dualism. In the last 5 years, gender ideology has overtaken every major public institution in our society from mass and social media, to public and private education from pre-school forward, to professional medicine and psychiatry, and increasingly, law. It has essentially become America’s government sponsored religion.

Why should every thinking American be alarmed by this? Three year olds are being taught that they may be “trapped in the wrong body” by pre-school teachers and by drag queens in public libraries; kindergarteners are having “coming out trans” celebrations in the classroom; teens are falling prey to social contagion and coming out trans in peer groups, boys are allowed into girls bathrooms, locker rooms and even onto girls’ sports teams. The top two sprinters in Connecticut’s high school state competition for girls in 2018 were boys; boys who had competed on the boys track team earlier in their high school careers, but who were allowed to run on the girls’ team this year because they “identify as” girls. In ten states, Washington, D.C., and several individual counties, it is illegal for minors to receive therapy for gender confusion (or gender dysphoria) that will bring their thinking in line with their sex. Instead, across the country, physicians and therapists are taught to rapidly affirm this confusion as proof that the child was born in the wrong body and encourage them to impersonate the opposite sex, even to the point of prescribing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and sex change surgeries prior to age 18.

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