‘Performance identity’ vs ‘Gospel identity’

Nov 7, 2020 by

From Gafcon:

This is a fascinating interview with Revd Canon Dr Ashley Null who shares his work, experiences and insights from working with performance driven athletes in his audiobook, “Performance Identity.”

Dr Null says: “Reformation Anglicanism is a recovery of the biblical doctrine of identity. Medieval Christianity was about proving that you were good enough for God to accept you. Your performance determined your fate, how God saw you and how you saw yourself.

The Gospel is getting away from this ‘performance identity’, because  Jesus’ ‘performance’ on the cross is where our identity is, and our hope for wholeness.”

It is a point of reassurance to know, “there’s nothing we can do for God to love us less and nothing we can do to make him love us.” Dr Ashley Null is joined by Abishai Auta Gaiya from Diocese of Jos, Nigeria, and Ernie Didot, Gafcon Communications Director.

See the interview on Vimeo here

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