Philby’s school appoints pupil diversity police

Jul 8, 2020 by

by Julian Mann, The Conservative Woman:

THE London public school attended by the British intelligence officer and Soviet spy Kim Philby (1912-1988) is planning a move that he would have approved of as a Marxist. Westminster School, which nestles next to Westminster Abbey and whose annual boarding fees of £41,607 are more than most British people earn, is to appoint enforcers of equality and diversity from amongst its pupils.

In an update circulated to former pupils, Westminster’s Challenging Racism Committee (CRC) says it is ‘planning to appoint year-group equality representatives, who will receive training from experts in diversity and unconscious bias to capture and report any racist incidents involving pupils and offer support’.

The CRC, which ‘was established with representatives from the staff and pupil body, the Governing Body and HR department’, has been ‘reviewing and implementing our response to the Black Lives Matter movement, which has affected us all, and as such, wanted to give an update on progress to date and thoughts for the future’.

Thoughtful Westminster parents are surely going to wonder what offering ‘support’ over ‘any racist incidents involving pupils’ will mean in practice. Those familiar with Marxist euphemism are likely to be concerned that the new diversity representatives will see their role as being to root out racism by denouncing fellow pupils suspected of it to the school authorities. Whatever their son or daughter’s ethnic background, will parents out of their taxed income (if they are domiciled in the UK) want to spend around £30,000 per year for a day pupil or £40,000 for a boarder on having their teenager turned either into a politically correct commissar or the subject of denunciation for ‘unconscious bias’?

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