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May 1, 2021 by

by Finny Philip, Evangelical Focus:

Finny Philip, an evangelical leader in Northern India, describes how the Covid-19 crisis is affecting churches. He shares 7 specific prayer requests.

We as a nation are going through terrible times. According to official figures, every day 2,700 die and another 350,000 people are affected by the Covid-19. But it is said that the real daily death toll is much higher – media even quoted the number as high as 20,000.

Mass cremations and burials are happening, even on the footpaths. Dead bodies are lined up for the funeral pier for hours before they are cremated. Corpses are piled up inhumanly in hospitals and outside health centres due to a shortage of space in the mortuary.

People are dying in hospitals without oxygen availability or without an Intensive Care Unit bed and access to doctors. The medical system has collapsed. This situation is true of cities, towns, and rural communities, including where I live.

Only in our local church, we lost a few members to Covid, and there are about more than 60 who are tested positive and taking medication at home. There are horrific stories like one of our fellow believers who waited for hours for hospital admission, and then was informed that no bed was available. He had to be taken to three other hospitals to get admitted finally. But that was too late, we lost him. And there are no coffin boxes readily available at the cemetery for burial.

We also lost about eleven of our key leaders (including two spouses of pastors) of the Filadelfia Fellowship Church of India in several places. Pastors are struggling to meet the treatment expenses. Believers are going through a tough time and financial challenges due to partial lockdowns.

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