Poland and Hungary block ‘LGBTIQ rights’ from being enshrined in EU legislation

Dec 13, 2018 by

by Dorothy Cummings McLean, LifeSite:

Poland and Hungary blocked the inclusion of “LGBTIQ” rights in a common European Union statement.

Last week representatives from Poland and Hungary annoyed other European Union (EU) member states by vetoing the inclusion of the “LGBTIQ” acronym in a joint statement by employment and social affairs ministers meant to promote “gender equity in the digital era.”

LGBTIQ is a reference to people who derive their identity from lesbianism, homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism, intersexuality, or an experimental “questioning” approach to sexuality.

The European employment and social affairs ministers collectively form the EU Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO), which meets four times a year. Its most recent meeting was held in Brussels on December 6. Brussels is the capital of the European Union.

The official EPSCO Council Conclusions now refer only to “gender equality, youth and digitalization.” To appease the other member states, who were reportedly furious with Poland’s and Hungary’s veto, Austria added a reference to “LGBTIQ” to the document in its current capacity as holder of the Presidency of the European Council. However, this addition is classified as only “presidential conclusions,” which do not have the legal significance of formal Council conclusions.

One of the ministers complained vociferously about the actions of the Hungarian and Polish members.

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