Politically correct discrimination against Christian refugees is an indefensible scandal

Oct 26, 2019 by

by George Carey, Telegraph:

War in Syria has reignited. Once again refugees fill its roads in need of our compassion. Yet those from the “wrong faith” won’t find it from the British Government. The UK’s resettlement of 16,000 refugees from the earlier conflict saw hardly any from the most brutalised minorities reach safety in our land. Of the refugees who came here in 2015 under the Vulnerable Persons Scheme, only 1.6 per cent were Christians. That’s despite this group being 10 per cent of the Syrian population.

The situation for Christians seeking asylum has worsened. In 2016 only 0.4 per cent were Christians. In 2017, 0.2 per cent. And in the early part of last year none of the 1,112 refugees we took in were Christians. 

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