Postmodernism makes you miserable

Apr 12, 2021 by

by Freya India Ager, spiked:

How the power/privilege obsession is ruining everyday life.

In today’s postmodern culture, problem-solving has never been easier. Rather than sift through the messy labyrinth of factors that influence our actions and interactions, many now favour one common explanation: power and privilege. Not only are complex issues like climate change, the severity of the Covid pandemic and even the fight for free speech now said to be the result of racism and tyrannical power structures, but so too are personal matters like our sexual preferences, music tastes and even diet choices. From complex political dilemmas and social iniquities to the mundanities of our everyday lives, most things, it has been decided, are the result of power, privilege and systemic oppression.

Privilege — that is, an advantage or right granted to select individuals or groups in society — certainly exists. It is a cruelty of life that some seemingly sail through on vessels of unearned privilege, while others have to contend with hell to live a reasonable life. And without doubt, some characteristics — like your class, religion, race, sexuality, etc — come with societal advantages or disadvantages, depending on where you live and the era in which you were born. All of this makes life bitterly unfair.

Leftists, traditionally, have tried to awaken those most advantaged in society to this unfairness, urging them to acknowledge those starting on the back foot — especially when this inequality is the result of discrimination.

But, then the ideological tectonics shifted.

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