Praise God that church buildings are allowed to open. Let’s make the most of it

Jan 25, 2021 by

by Graham Nicholls, Premier:

We praise God that the UK and Welsh governments have given faith groups the freedom to decide whether or not to hold in-person meetings for public worship during this new lockdown.

It was a blessing and a joy that some churches, including my own at Christ Church Haywards Heath, were able to hold services yesterday.

We totally understand and respect the fact that some churches have chosen not to use this freedom to meet as they have considered the implications for their congregation and community. But we believe it is right and good to make the most of these opportunities where it is appropriate and safe to do so, while at the same time being scrupulously careful in observing all hygiene and social-distancing protocols before, during and after services.

The precautions taken by churches – the pre-screening of attendees, and their limited contact in time and proximity, the hygiene, and the responsible behaviour of all involved – indicate that our congregations do not represent a significant risk compared to, for example, a weekly visit to the shops. We are not at all being reckless by remaining open.

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