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from Anglican Futures:

For over nine hours on Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th November 2023, the General Synod of the Church of England debated whether or not it was appropriate to introduce Prayers of Love and Faith (to be used in regular services) and experimental liturgy for standalone services – both with the intention of blessing those in same-sex relationships.


These snippets give a flavour of the debate – and they can each be seen in context on the recording of the livestream.


The debate began on Tuesday afternoon, with six ‘maiden’ speeches


Ms Julie Withers – “I am a licensed lay minister… I was married in June this year… my wife and I had been together for twenty years.” (1:58:29)


Mr Richard Brown – “Marriage, which isn’t marriage, using liturgy, which isn’t liturgy – I wonder how you think these things play out with very large numbers of people?” (2:02:14)


Rev Jodie Stowell – “When it comes to supporting the move to bring Prayers of Love and Faith to the life of the Church and her people, I cannot see it as anything other than the just, right, fair, merciful, compassionate action of God’s Spirit.” (2:08:08)


Mr Peter Barrett – “I do not want Justin to resign, I do not want to take him to court, my church does not want to stop paying the parish share and give my money to a group of trustees who will decide what to do with it – it saddens me that people are doing this it is not the way of Christ.” (2:12:15)


Mr James Wilson – “I started to attend the Church where I currently worship as it was coming to terms with the suicide of a member of the congregation, Lizzie Lowe, she was 14…. she was coming to terms with the fact that she was gay.” (2:15:53)


Rev Neil Barber – “There is a simple choice for each one of us here today, each bishop and archbishop, each member of the House of Clergy and each member of the House of Laity. Jesus is clear, Joshua was clear – I am with them – and I implore you Synod to echo Joshua’s words, “As for me and my household we will serve the Lord.” (2:20:20)


Rev Will Pearson-Gee – “I love you all but we cannot walk together – we need to part company so we can start talking about other issues – like mission.” (2:24:20)


Dr Ros Clarke“… makes it clear just how divided the bishops are – not just on the subject of same-sex relationships but also on the legal advice and the motion before us. Synod it is not progress to be presented with legal advice which most of us have not been allowed to see and which has divded those who have seen it.” (3:07:28)


Mr Philip Baldwin “Christianity is not about repression, hypocrisy and denial, it is about generosity, compassion and love… to move to a position where it ultimately serves and celebrates LGBTQI+ people.” (3:53:02)


Rt Rev Sarah Mullally – “It is clear and it is transparent. And therefore I would suggest to Clive that tonight, go back, re-read GS 2328 and you will see the legal… the foundation of the legal advice we have been given. (4:13:14)

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