Preachers seek an end to police mistreatment

Dec 7, 2020 by

from Christian Concern:

Today, the County Court in Bristol will begin to hear a case brought by four Christian street preachers, challenging how they’ve been treated by Avon and Somerset Police over eight years.

The case centres around an incident in 2016 where the four preachers were arrested while preaching in the town centre of Bristol. They were detained, questioned, and prosecuted before eventually being acquitted of all charges.

But it isn’t just this incident. One police sergeant appeared on local BBC television in 2014 to encourage business owners “to record any evidence on their mobile phone and send it to us” if they were offended by Mr Overd’s preaching.

Our Christian Legal Centre is helping the group of preachers as they challenge the way Avon and Somerset Police has clamped down on street preaching freedoms.

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