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[From Gafcon:] There is a broad range of practices that Anglicans follow during the Lenten season. In an age of increasing instant gratification, the practice of Lent leading up to Easter runs against the tide in many cultures.  Gafcon is providing three videos entitled The Journey, with the hope that they will help prepare your hearts and minds, as you enter into this season. We have drawn from people, songs, cultures, and images from around the world so that you can be encouraged and equipped…

Part One video here including contributions from Anglicans in Pakistan, Australia, Burundi and North America.

Part Two featuring a conversation between Archbishop Foley Beach and Keith and Kristin Getty, who perform a new recording of a song.

Part Three includes more teaching and music from Brazil, Uganda and Kenya.


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The start of a long night – Maundy Thursday reflection video from Walkway Books

Palm Sunday according to Mark 11 video by Ian Paul, Psephizo

Walking the Way of the Cross – Church of England podcast

Lent and the gathering storm by Peter Mullen, The Conservative Woman

Lent with Our persecuted brothers and sisters by Faith McDonnell

Lent – it’s the very devil! by Peter Mullen, The Conservative Woman

Lenten Meditations from The Church of the Resurrection, Tampa Bay, Florida: Ash Wednesday, Thursday 18 February, Friday 19 February, Saturday 20 February, Sunday 21 February, Monday 22 February, Tuesday 23 February, Wednesday 24 February, Thursday 25 February, Friday 26 February, Saturday 27 February, Sunday 28 February, Monday 1 March, Tuesday 2 March, Wednesday 3 March, Thursday 4 March, Friday 5 March, Saturday 6 March, Sunday 7 March, Monday 8 March, Tuesday 9 March, Wednesday 10 March, Thursday 11 March, Friday 12 March, Saturday 13 March, Sunday 14 March, Monday 15 March, Tuesday 16 March, Wednesday 17 March, Thursday 18 March, Friday 19 March, Saturday 20 March, Sunday 21 March, Monday 22 March, Tuesday 23 March, Wednesday 24 March, Thursday 25 March, Friday 26 March, Saturday 27 March,

Instagram Ash Wednesday filters and services at home: preparing for Lent amid the pandemic from the Church of England website

Lent devotion for Ash Wednesday, By Michael Nazir-Ali: 

“Joel calls for a solemn act of corporate repentance to ward off the worst effects of the calamity and to prepare for a better future. It is a pity that many calls for the nation to repent and to pray for an end to the present pandemic have gone unheard in our present situation. All hope has been invested in Science, which is also God given, but can only address part of the damage that has been caused and does not have the resources to bring healing and wholeness of mind, body and spirit.” Read here…

Online services from the Prayer Book Society

The temptation and preaching of Jesus in Mark 1 by Ian Paul, Psephizo

The Boldness of Christian Prayer, Bible and Mission blogspot

How To Make This Lent A Time Of Repentance And Faith by Casey Chalk, The Federalist

How should I behave? What the Catechism teaches about my obligation to God by Martin Davie

Lenten Studies on the Lord’s Prayer from India prepared by Canon Vinay Samuel, of Divya Shanthi Community Churches, Bangalore

Lent Course: Travelling with Jesus to Jerusalem from Walkway Books: Seminars each Tuesday and Wednesday through Lent: a dedicated space to journey with Jesus, led by Dr Peter Walker.

Let us pray, by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

Should We Pray Written Prayers? Didn’t Jesus Tell Us Not to Repeat Prayers? By David Smith, Anglican Compass

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