Presiding Bishop’s response to Bishop William Love’s November 10, 2018 Pastoral Letter and Directive

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Media Release from The Episcopal Church.

After broad consultation with leadership in The Episcopal Church and continued discussions with both the Rt. Rev. William Love of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany and the Episcopal Diocese of Albany Standing Committee, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has issued the following Restriction on Ministry to Bishop Love…

…After discussions with Bishop Love, I released a statement in partial response on November 12, 2018, a copy of which is here.  Representatives of my Office have since met with members of the Standing Committee and the Chancellor of the Diocese of Albany.

These documents and discussions form the basis of the temporary action that I now take regarding Bishop Love’s ministry as Bishop of Albany.  While I am persuaded of the sincerity and good will of Bishop Love in these difficult circumstances, I am convinced that Resolution B012 was intended by the Convention to be mandatory and binding upon all our Dioceses, particularly in the light of its provision that a diocesan bishop “hold[ing] a theological position that does not embrace marriage for [such] couples” and confronted with a same-sex couple wishing to marry in that bishop’s diocese, “shall invite, as necessary, another bishop of this Church to provide pastoral support to the couple, the Member of the Clergy involved and the congregation or worshipping community in order to fulfill the intention of this resolution that all couples have convenient and reasonable local congregational access to these rites.”

I am therefore persuaded that as Presiding Bishop I am called upon to take steps to ensure that same-sex marriage in The Episcopal Church is available to all persons to the same extent and under the same conditions in all Dioceses of the Church where same-sex marriage is civilly legal.

I am aware that Bishop Love’s conduct in this regard may constitute a canonical offense… I hereby place the following partial restriction on the exercise of Bishop Love’s ministry:

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[Editor’s note: unsurprisingly, the famous Preacher of Love shows no love to faithful Bishop Love.]

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