Pride and police prejudice on parade

Jun 2, 2019 by

by Peter Simpson, The Conservative Woman:

IS IT the task of taxpayer-funded public services to indoctrinate us regarding what moral attitudes we should hold? This is exactly what happens in Pride parades each year up and down the country, and it is what happened at Birmingham Pride last weekend.

For example, is it appropriate for NHS workers and the Ambulance Service to use the NHS logo to march through the centre of Birmingham to tell the world that the gay lifestyle must be accepted, or else you are a bigot? Nurses and other NHS workers are perfectly free to participate in such parades as private citizens, but should they do so under the banner of their public sector employer?

Why do the West Midlands Police feel it necessary to demonstrate to all and sundry their impeccable liberal/progressive credentials? What has this got to do with their primary task? Should police officers and a police vehicle take part in the parade? After all, the promotion of the LGBT cause is a moral issue. Since when was it the role of the police to impart to us instruction concerning sexual morality?

Should Birmingham City Council fly the rainbow flag outside their council offices? Is not their job to keep the streets clean and empty the dustbins? What about council taxpayers whose religious views categorise homosexuality as sinful? Do they not also form part of the glorious diversity which the council celebrates? Why does the council not express its love of ‘equality’ in respect of them?

The leader of Birmingham City Council addressed the Pride supporters and told them that elected council members from all political parties were participating in the parade. If this tells us anything, it is that this issue has political ramifications; which again brings us to the gross impropriety of the police taking sides.

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