Understanding ‘Pride’ as a Religion

Jan 25, 2023 by

By Rollin Grams, Bible and Mission:

Ivan Provorov, a member of the Russian Orthodox Church who also plays hockey for the Philadelphia Flyers, is currently in the news because he refused to promote the so-called ‘LGBTQ+’ agenda foisted on players by the NHL.[1] ‘Pride,’ an emerging infertility cult, is dead-set against true Christians and any who refuse to advocate on their behalf. The response of Pride supporters to Provorov exposes Pride as a religion.

Both fertility and infertility cults make sexuality a central component of their dogma and rituals, but Pride’s infertility cult centres on sexual identities and relationships that are contrary to marriages that would naturally bear children (between a man and a woman). Fertility cults in the Ancient Near East, like that of Baal and Asherah, practiced intentionally adulterous sexual acts as part of their rituals at high places and under green, leafy trees, but as acts celebrating fertility, not infertility. Pride separates sexuality from fertility, reducing it to mere sexual acts.

As a religion, Pride (1) makes universal claims about its dogma. Some religions go further and (2) insist that all submit to its dogma under duress; in this regard, Pride and Islam are similar (although the latter does not promote Pride’s sexual deviances as part of the religion). The two religions also have in common (3) an understanding of evangelism (or dawah) that is very often forceful and coercive, and religious devotion that is understood in terms of submission, as opposed to love.

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