Pride Comes Before a Fall – Lessons from Perth’s Shame

Aug 21, 2018 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

We can learn a great deal from the continuing fallout from Perth Pride.    As I wrote about this – there was a backlash which involved a great deal of distortion and attempt to silence.  The Daily Record joined in the unthinking herd mob mentality with this article talking about the ‘love and acceptance for all’ of Rev Scott Burton vs the hatred and ‘fiercely personal critical attacks’ of yours truly.  We should not be surprised at this nor give in to the temptation to depression.   In a society which has lost its ability to reason and think, and where every story is reduced to emotive soundbites, it’s precisely what we should expect.    But if we step back and look in more detail at the backlash there is a great deal we can learn.  I received this article from the Perthshire edition of the Courier which is very revealing.   His words are in italics followed by my responses to the author.

The backlash against Rev Scott Burtons Perthshire pride speech was as depressing as it was predictable.The Church of Scotland minister opened the region’s first LGBT celebration last weekend with a speech which apologised for the Kirk’s historical treatment of the gay community.

downloadI wonder why you find it depressing that people, within the church (and outwith) disagree with Scott’s remarks – given that the position he is attacking is the position of the Church of Scotland (officially), the Catholic Church and most Christian churches?  Are you depressed at the mere fact of disagreement?  Or have you bought into the narrative that Rev. Scott has received a whole load of hatemail?  It appears he had eight letters of criticism and they seem to have been fairly polite.  I realise that the narrative is to portray Scott as ‘brave’ and a victim – but in reality ‘coming out’ as a supporter of the LGBT agenda which has become the main shibboleth doctrine of our society is hardly ‘brave’.  It’s about the most conformist thing anyone could do.    If you want praise from politicians and the press then this is the route to go.

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