Pride, police and the preaching of the Gospel

Sep 16, 2020 by

by David Robertson, Christian Today:

Cornwall Pride is cancelled. Wonderful news? Josh Williamson the Australian Baptist pastor in Newquay thought so. In fact, he tweeted those exact words on the Cornwall Live FB page. The resultant fuss, including threats of vandalism and deportation, has been covered elsewhere in Christian Today, but I want to ask what lessons we can learn from this fuss. So, I asked Josh to tell his side of the story.

Why did he do it? “The ‘why’ of my posting comes from a love and concern for God and the LGBT community. I don’t want to see the LGBT community engage in sinful actions, nor do I want to see people who are made to love God insult Him by their actions.”

What are his feelings about the police action? “Our complaints were basically dismissed, and I feel that we were not taken seriously. This I believe may be due to the fact that Devon and Cornwall Police are key sponsors of Cornwall Pride (which is based in Newquay), so I am concerned that there may have been a conflict of interest on behalf of local Police.”

The police sent three police officers round the Sunday morning to ensure their safety. Despite being shown the threats they determined that no crime had been committed.

“I asked him (a police officer) if saying ‘homosexuality is a sin’ would be a breaking of the law, he answered by saying that it may offend people, and that is where the law may be broken.

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