Pride: what it means

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Just in case you hadn’t noticed, the season is upon us – aptly described by one writer as a secular version of a religious holiday, which has parallels with Advent and Passover. What does it mean now, how wide is its influence, and how should Christians interpret and respond? A selection of articles follows:

Dark side of the rainbow by Josephine Bartosch, The Critic

Disney to throw an LGBT ‘pride’ concert for kids, hosted by drag queenby Doug Mainwaring

National Trust tells volunteers to wear rainbow face paint and glitter for Prideby Hayley Dixon, Telegraph

Is it time to ditch Pride Month, our premier celebration of wokeness?by Michael Cook, MercatorNet

Let’s Celebrate Christian Pride Millenniaby P Andrew Sandlin: Christian orthodoxy within the broad bounds of virtuous social liberty has been replaced by the new sexual orthodoxy enforced by the state.…the worldview that gave us Gay Pride Month could never have given us the free society — and, if unchecked, will decimate it.

There can be no moral neutrality in an era of moral revolutionby Jonathon Van Maren, LifeSite: With the arrival of Pride Month comes the relentless pressure on corporations, schools, charities, and public institutions to signal support for the LGBT movement. Live and let live is long dead…

Flying the flag for woke imperialismby Sean Collins, spiked: Secretary of state Antony Blinken  and his State Department claim that flying these flags merely signals the US’s support for the rights of ‘people of colour’ and ‘LGBTQI+ persons’. But this does not explain why Pride and BLM, which are political movements, enjoy such a privileged status.

Pride Month shows: Christians must opt out of mainstream culture in Americaby Jonathon Van Maren, LifeSite

Canadian government extends ‘pride’ month to a whole season because one month ‘isn’t enough’by Clare Marie Merkowsky, LifeSite

Woke Inc. celebrates Pride Month — but not in the Middle Eastby Kurt Mahlburg, MercatorNet: 

Multinationals like YouTube, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, BMW and Lenovo splashed bright rainbow colours across their social media pages. But it didn’t take long for savvy internet users to point out a glaring irony: where the most courage is required for such displays — namely, the Middle East — the same companies were conspicuously inconspicuous about Pride Month.

Visit the “Middle East” or “Arabia” Twitter pages for each of the corporations listed above and you’ll notice that it is business as usual. No rainbow flags, no glitter, and no woke virtue signalling that we are assured is essential for progress towards equality and human rights. Surely there’s no place that needs such rights more than those nations where the death penalty and extra-judicial killings are commonplace for those who transgress heterosexual norms.

The unbearable annoyingness of Prideby Brendan O’Neill, spiked

US embassy at the Vatican displays homosexual pride flagby Dorothy Cummings McLean, LifeSite

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