Prison chaplain describes how Islamists hijacked his bible class

Sep 16, 2018 by

by Ian Gallagher and Jonathan Petre, Mailonline:

For part-time chaplain Paul Song, Brixton Prison’s oak-beamed 19th Century chapel was an oasis amid the hectic clamour of penal life.

But that was before Islamic extremists hijacked his Bible classes. One afternoon three inmates appeared in the chapel, interrupting a discussion on divine grace to loudly acclaim the killers of Lee Rigby, whose murder by jihadis on a South London street shocked the nation.

To the disbelief of Mr Song and his fellow Christians, the interlopers insisted that hacking to death the 25-year-old soldier was justified since, in their eyes, it avenged the killing of Muslims by British troops.

[…] Today, Mr Song tells The Mail on Sunday in chilling detail how extremist Muslim gangs came to dominate his jail: intimidating prisoners into converting to Islam and physically assaulting him over his Christian faith.

And he describes how he was summarily dismissed from the jail over claims – which he strenuously denies – that he called one inmate a ‘terrorist’. He was also falsely accused of espousing ‘radical’ Christianity.

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