Privileged students are weaponising trans rights

Oct 28, 2020 by

by Debbie Hayton, UnHerd:

We are in dangerous times when adults who should know better allow student politicians to play the trans card so they can act with impunity. On campuses across the country, the pink and blue flag is being used to excuse the bullying and harassment of anyone who does not adhere to gender identity ideology, and its catechism, “trans women are women”.

The latest victim is Ann Henderson, rector of Edinburgh University. Only the second woman to hold the position in 170 years, her political credentials are exemplary. After becoming one of Scotland’s first female train drivers she rose to the top of the trade union movement and currently sits on the Scottish Labour Party Executive.

But all that was ignored by Edinburgh Labour Students when they uncovered evidence that Henderson had attended a Woman’s Place UK meeting two weeks previously. In an egregious statement that has since been taken down (screenshot below), they accused her of transphobic behaviour and insinuated that her actions were prejudicial to the trans community.

This is nonsense of course. I am trans and I know transphobia when I see it, and this is not it.

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