Pro-life voice protected outside abortion clinics

Jun 23, 2022 by

from Christian Concern:

On the same day that abortion figures for 2021 were released, an attempt to stop pro-life witness near abortion clinics was withdrawn.

Dr Rupa Huq MP sought to amend the government’s Public Order Bill to make it illegal to pray, protest or even offer support outside abortion clinics across the country. Anyone found doing so could face up to two years in prison. This would have stopped any kind of pro-life witness close to abortion centres or clinics within other buildings like hospitals.

However, after it was clear that Conservatives on the committee would oppose the new amendment, Dr Huq withdrew it. This was the second time Dr Huq attempted to impose these no-pray zones across the whole country.

No pray zones already exist

Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) are already in place around certain clinics demonstrating that there is, in any case, no need for a nationwide policy. The National Police Chief’s Council  gave evidence explaining why this amendment would not help:

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