Pro-Lifers Win Big at UN Commission

Feb 24, 2019 by

by Stefano Gennarini JD, C-Fam:

Progressives did not applaud or cheer as they normally do as the UN Commission for Social Development concluded yesterday at UN headquarters because the commission did not even hint at abortion or homosexual/trans rights.

In fact, the mood was somber when chairman gaveled the end of the session. The final agreement left out abortion buzzwords “sexual and reproductive health” and other abortion-related terminology and included provisions on family-policy instead.

“The Member States once again find themselves before a dysfunctional commission,” grumbled the delegate from Mexico, one of the more aggressive countries in promoting abortion-related terms and homosexual/trans rights in UN negotiations.

He accused socially conservative delegations, mostly from Africa and the Middle East, of making the commission “irrelevant” and holding back the commission to “dogmas and dichotomies of the past.”

Throughout negotiations the African group requested that the facilitators of the negotiations only to include previously agreed-upon language in document. This excludes any language related to abortion or homosexual/trans rights.

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