Progressive Pansexualist “Christians” have Declared War on Orthodox Believers

Nov 23, 2019 by

by David Virtue, VOL:

Their goal is not mere acceptance, but to overthrow the moral order and destroy conservative churches who hold the line on faith and morals.

It should be obvious by now that progressive pansexual “Christians” have only one goal – to destroy traditional Christianity and the churches that support it, declare they have won, and wave the rainbow flag of victory.

While they have never started or built churches, they have spent decades infiltrating and taking over orthodox parishes and turning them in the name of inclusion. Then they watch as the churches slowly wither and die.

This was the plan all along. Having their sexuality not merely approved but accepted and controlling the sexual agenda of the church was always their objective. Total capitulation and control.

The greatest threat to free speech and the free exercise of religion is the homosexual (and transgender) agenda. Nothing else comes even remotely close, said distinguished legal scholar and political philosopher Robert George of Princeton University.

In 2009, homosexuals said, ‘how is my marriage going to hurt you? We just want marriage equality.” In 2019, this is what they said, ‘we want the tax-exempt status of the churches, charities, and colleges revoked for your failure to change your views on gay marriage.’

Having twisted and distorted churches in the West, they are now turning their sexual guns on the Global South. Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has made that clear on more than one occasion. And western churches have the money to manipulate and do just that.

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