Protect Religious Freedom in California: Urgent request!

Jun 15, 2019 by

California legislators need to hear from you.  Regardless of your location, please email them, see below.  Thank you so much. Dr Lisa Nolland
California Assemblyman Low strikes again. He was the author of AB 2943 last year that would have sent clergy, places of worship, religious organizations, and professional therapists before judges and juries if they helped anyone change their unwanted same-sex attraction feelings or behavior or unwanted gender identity to live according to their faith.
Now Low is sending a Resolution ( ACR 99) to the CA Legislature opposing the freedom to teach religious beliefs or provide faith-based ministry or professional psychotherapy that helps people of traditional faiths make these changes. He is getting liberal religious leaders to sign in support of his Resolution to claim it has broad based support of the religious community.
There has been some good pushback, but far more is needed.
Greg Burt of California Family Council requests that organizations and individuals send their own letters of opposition to ACR99 to the links below, by Monday, June 17 if at all possible, but later would still help. Greg writes:
  1. Send your personal letters of opposition to the Assembly Republican Leader Assemblywoman Marie Waldron office at
  2. Encourage other people in your network of influence to call and send in letters of opposition to members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee by next Tuesday morning, June 18. The Assembly Judiciary Committee will have a hearing on ACR 99 resolution at 9 a.m. Tuesday, June 18. Ken Williams and Elizabeth Woning, with Equipped to Love, will be testifying against the bill.

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