Protest at ‘gay conversion therapy’ film at Belfast church

Feb 15, 2019 by

from BBC News:

A protest has been held at a church over the screening of a film that demonstrators say promotes “gay conversion therapy”.

About 40 protesters gathered ahead of Thursday’s screening of ‘Once Gay – Matthew and Friends’ at Townsend Presbyterian Church in west Belfast.

The Presbyterian Church said it was clear no therapy “should be undertaken against a person’s will”.

The Green Party’s Malachai O’Hara said it promoted a “damaging message”.

The screening was organised by the Christian Group, Core Issues Trust.

The head of the organisation, Mike Davidson, said his organisation does not offer “gay conversion therapy”, but rather “standard psychotherapeutic and counselling approaches that explores sexual fluidity in [individual’s] lives”.

“Some people, for whatever reason, are just not happy with [being gay] and want to move away from it,” Mr Davidson told BBC News NI.

“Clearly it is the responsibility of anyone working in this area to make sure that they are there of their own accord.

“They are not sent there, they are not there under any kind of duress.”

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