Public Discourse: two articles set out the case for and against Trump

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How Trump Has Transformed the GOP—and Why Conservatives Should Vote for Him Anyway, by Hunter Baker, Public Discourse:

[…] Trump clearly believes the answer to America’s tragedies in the past is a bright future explicitly for Americans, including African-Americans. His version of that future involves American citizens working to produce American goods, rather than legions of disenfranchised persons living on a universal basic income with a highly developed knowledge of why capitalism is racist, predatory, and destroying the environment. The vision is more fundamentally positive—despite the belligerence of the messenger—than it is negative…

…The threat of an ascendant China, the growing boldness of cancel culture, and the enervating philosophy of the “woke” proselytizers present growing dangers for the success and cohesiveness of the American project….With Trump, the questions are clear. Does his undermining of political norms present such a threat that he must be defeated, no matter the short-term cost? Or does this crude figure roaming the stage of American political life have something to offer, especially given the programs of the opposition?

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Christian Witness Demands That We Defend Truth—and Reject Donald Trump, by Alan Noble, Public Discourse:

As a matter of policy, President Trump’s administration treats truth as merely a function of power. This manifests as a consistent effort to call into question, mock, or deny the possibility of objective truth, to sow distrust, to entertain conspiracies and rumors, to promote the use of propaganda, to undermine public discourse, and to fatigue us with uncertainty.

Two cancerous outcomes are produced by this policy. First, our social order is weakening as belief in the possibility of objective truth and our ability to discover and communicate it collapses, in response to which we retreat into identity groups and self-preservation. Second, the sine qua non of social conservatism [concern for truth] is abandoned for the sake of short-term, pragmatic gains…

…Thankfully, I am not responsible for coming up with the Plan to Save America, and neither are you. My duty is to glorify God in the fallen city I live in…

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