Pushback grows against destructive trans ideology

May 9, 2020 by

from Coalition for Marriage:

The last few weeks have been very positive for the battle against harmful transgender ideology. First, Warwickshire County Council withdrew a primary school Relationships Education programme that promoted transgenderism to 4-year-olds after a threat of legal action. Then the same authority also dropped a “trans toolkit” that said young boys who identify as female should “sleep where they feel most comfortable”.

Such ‘toolkits’ often also encourage schools to allow pupils who identify as the opposite sex to use their preferred toilets or changing rooms. They have been popping up around the country, to the consternation of especially girls and their parents who object to boys invading private female spaces.

In the last few days, Oxfordshire’s version of the toolkit has also been retracted in the face of a High Court challenge brought by a 13-year-old girl.

It fell to a girl aged 14 to contest similar guidance from the Crown Prosecution Service warning schools they could face prosecution if they did not allow boys into girls’ changing rooms. Lawyers for the unnamed girl said she found the guidance “very distressing” and was concerned she could be prosecuted for failing to abide by the rules it set out. Thankfully, the document was withdrawn last week.

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