Pushback on wokeness? Not if the BBC can help it

Oct 29, 2020 by

by Caroline ffiske, The Conservative Woman:

CAN the Government’s new pushback on ‘woke’ work? Can Conservative ministers rid us of the doctrines centred around critical race theory and gender ideology that have taken such an insidious hold of our public institutions?

There are signs that they are trying. After years of kowtowing to anti-science LGBT ideologues, the Department for Education has quietly announced a change of heart on the teaching of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in schools, as I reported recently. 

The DfE has told schools that ‘materials which suggest that non-conformity to gender stereotypes should be seen as synonymous with having a different gender identity should not be used and you should not work with external agencies or organisations that produce such material’.

On race too, we are hearing new noises from the Government. With virtually every public institution metaphorically or actually ‘taking the knee’ in a show of collective guilt about historic and current racism, we suddenly see the Minister for Equalities, Kemi Badenoch, stepping up to challenge this.

In a powerful speech in Parliament last week, she said: ‘This government stands unequivocally against critical race theory . . . we do not want to see teachers teaching their white pupils about white privilege and inherited racial guilt . . . any school that teaches these elements of critical race theory as fact or which promotes partisan political views . . . without offering a balanced treatment of opposing views is breaking the law.’ 

At last. Why has this taken so long? One answer is that the Conservatives are not immune from wokeness or, perhaps, the desire to appear woke.

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