Queer theory drags us all towards the gutter

Nov 21, 2020 by

by Caroline ffiske, The Conservative Woman:

FURTHER evidence has emerged of the creep of ‘queer theory’ through our public institutions. ‘Queer Theory’ is not something I hoped in my life to become conversant with. But it seems we must familiarise ourselves with it if we want to save ourselves and our children from it.

So, a brief summary of this subversive and revolutionary theory that once would have been confined to the Leftist recesses of academia.

The general notion is based on the 1960s neo-Marxist idea that our ideas around sexual acts and sexual identities are ‘socially constructed’. None of our attributes, preferences, activities, is innate. They are social constructs – and up for challenge. This does not just refer to things many of us would agree are at least partly cultural. Even the binary nature of biological sex is apparently a social construct. If that is how far you are prepared to go in challenging norms and knowledge, pretty much everything is up for grabs.

The unique focus of ‘queer theory’ is the personal and the private. Anything which most people might deem ‘normal’ or perhaps ‘moral’ is challengeable as a regressive social construct. Anything which most people might deem ‘immoral’, perhaps just a ‘minority preference’, or perhaps even ‘your own business in your own bedroom’ must be brought out into the light of day. It is particularly important for ‘transgression’ to be placed in front of our noses. You get the drift.

The prevalence (and seeming acceptance by the establishment) of queer theory helps to explain why people push explicit sexual materials into schools. It explains why the BBC chooses to run an article cheerfully chatting about masturbation. All must be taken out of the private sphere and paraded publicly.

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