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News from UCCF: evangelism in universities during February.

Christian Unions have been making an impact on campus with eye-catching question boards.

Students in Cambridge were asked to ‘Spot the fake news!’, to plot their attitude to ‘truth’ on an axis, or to mark on a world map ‘Where would you go to find yourself?’

In Southampton, the CU used a large board stationed in the central area of campus, with several smaller boards that CU members took in pairs to engage students in other parts of the campus. The questions were based around the day’s talk titles, to begin a conversation. Southampton CU Staff Worker Chris Collinson says: ‘Open questions often led to longer conversations and we always engaged people with a flyer in our hands ready to tell them about where they could discuss the topic further.’…

…Students in Huddersfield also used question boards to great effect. CU Staff Worker Andrea Dalton explains: ‘The theme of the CU events week was “Something More”, so the CU wanted get students exploring purpose and goals, and ask the question: “Do you think there’s something more than this?”‘ 

…The final board contained Jesus’ words: ‘I have come that they might have life and life to the full’.

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Editor’s note: One student writes:

I want to say a massive thank you on behalf of the Falmouth Christian Union team for all your prayers and support for our mission last week! I wanted to share a few of the things which really encouraged us, as we saw God’s hand so clearly at work. Firstly, we are so thankful to God for providing us with the necessary finances to carry out the events well (thank you for your contribution!).

We are also so blessed to have such a strong relationship with our University Students Union, who made a point of advertising all our events on the screens around campus and on their Instagram! We do not take this for granted as we know that some Christian Unions around the country do not have the same freedoms to share the Good News. It has been a real answer to prayer that we have this supportive relationship.

We had a team of people on both campuses to flyer and share with people about the events. This is always a terrifying task and we grew in confidence as daily we were able to engage with more and more people about what we were doing as we walked around campus with a big whiteboard asking people questions relevant to the talks (it was so exciting when we later saw people we handed a flyer turn up at the events!). Some of the questions we asked were ‘Is love always good?’ and ‘What gives you hope?’, which received a whole range of answers and sparked some interesting conversations.

Each morning we met together to pray for the day before and the people we met. Our events were consistently well attended, seeing a high of around 115 people at the Free Meal on Wednesday, where we kept having to put out more tables! Our speaker Sam spoke so clearly, and many people commented on how engaging and relevant the talks were (Sex, Love, Power, Satisfaction, and Hope).

We were really encouraged by the responses for the events, as 6 people filled in cards to say they wanted to attend Alpha. But to our surprise, 12 people came to the first Alpha on Monday evening, and more are expressing an interest in coming along. Please continue to join us in praying for these people and the follow up individuals in the CU are doing. Individuals in the CU were stepping out in faith and inviting their class, flat and house mates to the events, and by God’s power people said YES! One girl had 6 course mates come to the Quiz!

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