Quickie divorce bill backed by MPs

Jun 10, 2020 by

from Coalition for Marriage:

I’m sorry to say that MPs overwhelmingly backed the principle of the Government’s reckless no-fault divorce Bill by 231 to 16 last night.

The debate showcased that many MPs fail to understand what makes a marriage and what is at stake when we undermine it. The legal mechanisms for creating and ending a marriage are crucial. It beggars belief that Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland said: “I do not believe that issues of reform of the process of divorce are germane to the issue of marriage itself”.

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Watch:  Sir Edward Leigh’s speech to Parliament

Editor’s comment: at the same time when baying crowds were toppling statues as symbols of an oppressive past, here in Parliament a much more profound toppling of a vital supporting pillar of a just and stable society was enacted. As we have now come to expect, church leaders have not seen fit to comment.

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