Radical Feminism Banned From Radical Bookfair

Jun 6, 2018 by

by Jeni Harvey, Medium:

On Saturday 2nd June I attended the London radical bookfair held at Goldsmiths university with approximately 300 copies of a pamphlet I had written entitled: Sex, Gender and Women’s Rights. The pamphlet was designed as an introductory explanation of current laws around gender recognition, what the proposals for reform to those laws are and how these could potentially impact the sex based rights of women and girls, as well as the difference between sex and gender from a feminist perspective. The following article is an account of the day and my attempt to process what happened — indeed what is happening — to feminism, to solidarity amongst women, and to the wider concept of so called radical politics.

In the many conversations I had had with others about my intention to attend the bookfair, the first issue to come up was always one of personal safety. Following the assault by transactivists on a feminist at Speakers Corner, and the hounding of Helen Steel at the Anarchist Book Fair, it is not to over egg the pudding to call it a concern women cannot afford to take lightly. Certainly, I was apprehensive enough that by the time we arrived at Goldsmiths I asked the people accompanying me not to put my pamphlet on display until I had had a chance to go to the toilet, as after people had seen me distribute it, it would no longer be safe to go alone.

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