Radical Muslims feel their religion is ‘under threat’, and are ‘willing to die for it’

Sep 11, 2017 by

By Hassan John, Global Christian News.

A United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Regional Bureau for Africa, report has declared that “‘religious ideas’ was the factor that attracted the largest number” to join terrorism. Their study indicated “the significance of religious ideology in one way or another
 as a determining factor informing decision to join.”

[…] “While media and politicians’ commentary often underlines assumed links between lack of economic opportunity and violent extremism, much of the literature has challenged generalized assumptions about this relationship. Multiple studies highlight the often relatively affluent profile of violent extremists, pushing attention to other motivational factors,” said the report.
“What this means for Christians and the Church, is that we do not fall into the ‘politically correct’ narratives that distorts and blames society and poverty for radical ideologies that give raise to terrorists,” declared an official of the Christian Association of Nigeria, northern zone in an interview with Global Christian News.

“Muslim must accept that there are even poorer, deprived and illiterate Christians than Muslim youths in many other parts of Nigeria who have not grabbed the Bible and gone off to kill, declare a separate country and become a law to themselves.”

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