Rainbow Soccer Jerseys Don’t Reduce Harassment. They Provoke It.

Jun 19, 2018 by

by Jennifer S Bryson, Public Discourse:

The US National Soccer Team’s rainbow jerseys are provoking and inflaming the controversies of sexual politics. Soccer’s governing bodies should follow their own rules, which were designed to foster inclusivity, and ban political rainbow jerseys in international play.

Harassment of LGBT soccer players and fans is wrong. Now a new problem is emerging: harassment of conservative religious soccer players and fans by LGBT supporters. This too is wrong.

In 2018, as it did in 2017, US Soccer, the governing body for our Women’s and Men’s National Teams, is requiring players to wear special Pride Month jerseys with rainbow-colored player numbers for international play during June. Players called up to either National Team this month faced a choice of wearing the rainbow jersey or missing out on the rare and amazing opportunity to play for our country.

Again, harassment of LGBT players and fans at soccer venues is a real and serious problem. But now, as if that problem weren’t bad enough, as a result of controversy over these rainbow jerseys, LGBT-agenda supporters have chosen to become the harassers. They are targeting a player called up to the national team who refused to wear a rainbow-numbered jersey because of her faith.

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