Red Wall Tory MP slams “woke alphabet” pushed by health bosses

Jun 9, 2021 by

from Foxhole News:

The Red Wall Tory MP for Ashfield, Lee Anderson, has slammed the NHS’s outrageous new “woke alphabet” in a blistering Commons speech addressed to the Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

“I see that our NHS have published their very own woke alphabet, which includes terms such as ‘white fragility’ for the letter W” he said.

“Now not only is this a load of nonsense, it’s also very divisive. So does my right honourable friend agree with me that the vast majority of our brilliant NHS staff are more interested in keeping the nation healthy rather than learning the ABC of Wokery.”

Mr Hancock responded clearly: “Yes, I agree with my hon. Friend. He puts it well. This so-called glossary appeared on the NHS website. I have raised it with the NHS and it has been taken down.”

His comments come after immense public backlash yesterday, with the NHS eventually putting the barmy document behind a password as members of the public and high ranking Tories blasted the lunacy.

The warped document included a whole litany of anti-white concepts including ‘white saviourism’, ‘white centering’, ‘white exceptionalism’, ‘white fragility, and ‘white privilege’, as well as niche ideas from the very fringes of the modern loony left like “misogynoir” – which specifically speaks about misogyny directed at black women.

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