‘Redefining marriage led to social breakdown’

Sep 23, 2023 by

by Tony Rucinski, Coalition for Marriage:

Over five years on from the introduction of same-sex marriage legislation in Australia, Michelle Pearse offers a compelling portrayal of its far-reaching and adverse societal repercussions. She underscores a concerning “societal breakdown” and heightened restrictions on freedom of speech – developments she finds really “disturbing”. Listen to my full discussion with the CEO of the Australian Christian Lobby here.

Michelle observes profound societal changes when you “undermine gender”. The repercussions become deeply unsettling, she says, when family, the “cornerstone of society”, is effectively removed.

Among the changes, “men imposing on … women’s spaces” stands out, as does a “real agenda to sexualise our children earlier and earlier”. The result, she says, is that “it’s children who suffer”.

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