Rejoice! Targets tumble at the LGBTBBC

Jul 3, 2018 by

from The Conservative Woman:

The BBC has been busy trawling its staff’s personal information. You might ask: What could justify that? Concern about an imbalance in reporters’ and editors’ political orientation? Fear that a staff who preponderantly voted Remain at the Referendum or for Labour at the Election might just be more than a tad biased?

No, it’s not political but sexual orientation that bothers the progressive BBC. To be precise, are its staff LGBT enough to meet modern mores?

It must have been somewhat disconcerting for Director of Diversity Tunde Ogungbesan to find that far from being victimised or excluded, this minority is already disproportionately represented. In fact the news stunned the top brass.

They should be congratulating themselves on their inclusivity. The BBC is not just the happy home for no fewer than 417 transgender staff (more than one in 50 of the workforce and about four times the proportion in the population at large), but over 10 per cent of its staff are LGBT and 12 per cent have leadership positions, the latter figure coming in at a full 4 per cent higher than the Beeb’s original 2020 diversity target.

Diversity dispensations met, job done, surely? You’d be forgiven for thinking it was time for the BBC’s D of D to bow out to allow our licence fee to be put to better use.

Not so. What the ‘amazing results’ of his survey mean to Mr Ogungbesan is that the BBC needs to become more trans friendly.

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