Religion’s Decline is Reason’s Decline

Aug 5, 2022 by

by Auguste Meyrat, Crisis Magazine:

In a recent essay in Newsweek, Discovery Institute Director Stephen Meyer makes the case for God by examining new scientific discoveries which suggest His existence. Specifically, he points to the new evidence showing that the physical universe has a beginning, the vast number of physical variables that have allowed life and the physical universe to exist, and the unusually complex structures of DNA and RNA molecules that ”vastly exceed our own digital high technology in their storage and transmission capabilities.”

All this indicates that the universe was designed and put into existence by a Divine Creator. Otherwise, one has to make the case that everything is a product of chance. One can certainly make this argument, and many do, but this becomes increasingly difficult as scientists continue to learn more about the universe.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that any of Meyer’s claims will change anyone’s mind of whether or not God exists. While there may be a few who will feel affirmed in their faith and give thanks to God for His glorious creation, most people, particularly if they’re young, won’t really care. Sure, many of them will claim to have intellectual hang-ups about believing in God, objecting that there’s just not enough evidence to prove His existence, but this is a pretense. For most nonbelievers today, they have dispensed with the very idea of assertions, proofs, and conclusions.

These days, people don’t rely on logic and evidence for most of the decisions they make, and they haven’t done so for some time now. They follow the suggestions of their media, their tribe, and their appetites. Even if Christianity is quite reasonable, it just doesn’t seem necessary to most modern people, and many of them are abandoning their faith as a result. On the surface, this seems like a crisis of faith for Western society, but this is really a crisis of reason.

The disregard of logic and respect for objective truth can be seen everywhere. Most prominently, it can be seen in the main leftist causes—gender theory, Marxism, defunding the police, abortion—which are incoherent and not based in actual evidence. Although their adherents claim to “follow the science” and have a great number of scientific authorities endorsing these ideas, the arguments are unscientific and contradictory: gender cannot override sex; perfect material equality is impossible and unjust; removing police inevitably makes communities more dangerous; and abortion does not liberate or empower women but instead enslaves them to their careers and a culture of promiscuity.

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