REMINDER: Speak out to defend the dignity of marriage

Dec 29, 2020 by

from Coalition for Marriage:

The deadline is fast approaching for the Law Commission’s consultation on weddings. Many of the proposals would drastically reshape marriage law in this country, and undermine the dignity of the marriage ceremony. Please respond before the deadline on 4th January 2021. To help you respond to the questions, we have produced a new consultation guide.

The Commission’s plans herald the advent of tacky designer weddings. A couple would be able to get married wherever they want, as long as an officiant agrees it is “safe and dignified”. But this vague standard will be easily satisfied as the consultation suggests ceremonies can take place “in the air”. There seems to be a casual disregard for the need to protect the dignity and solemnity of marriage. Under the new plans it seems almost any venues and ceremony words can be used.

The Commission also wants to ditch the legally prescribed words parties say to agree they are free and willing to marry. The couple can use any words they choose, or none at all. It would even be possible to be married without even having to attend your own wedding ceremony!

The rules on wedding services aren’t unwarranted restrictions on choice: they are to preserve the weightiness of the commitment being made. Marriage is between a man and a woman, for life. It should be entered into seriously. Messing with weddings in this way undermines the commitment of marriage.

Read and download Consultation Guide here

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