Renowned Anglican Theologian & Historian Weighs the future of Orthodox Anglicanism

May 2, 2020 by

by David W Virtue, Virtueonline:

Progressives who embrace gay marriage worship another Jesus, a different gospel, and proclaim another Spirit. These are not two ways of being Christian; they are two religions worshipping different gods.

David W. Virtue interviewed the Rev. Dr. Gerald McDermott on the occasion of his new book on THE FUTURE OF ORTHODOX ANGLICANISM.

VOL: You are a trained Anglican theologian and historian recently teaching at Beeson Divinity School where you have been for the past five years. You are an expert on Anglicanism, one of a handful in the world. How did you come to be an Anglican? Were you something before you became an Anglican? What persuaded you to become an Anglican?


David, I grew up as a Roman Catholic and was trained by the Jesuits in a high school in New York City. I had a conversion experience through the Catholic charismatic movement in 1970, which led me to join an evangelical Christian commune after college at the University of Chicago. There I became a convinced Protestant under the influence of IVCF and InterVarsity Press.

After a number of years in communes and working as a principal of several schools, I studied for a PhD in American and historical theology. During those years at the University of Iowa, I was a Baptist preacher in the Iowa cornfields. Reading historical theology showed me that there were vast riches in the history of Christian thought and life, especially in the first millennium.

Although my Baptist years were happy ones and I learned many basics about justification and the human response to the gospel, I came to hunger for sacraments and liturgy, and for a connection to early Christian worship. The Book of Common Prayer, which a professor friend introduced me to, was an oasis in the desert. That was thirty years ago. Over the years I have come to appreciate more and more Anglican spirituality and theology, which seem the perfect via media between Roman innovations and low-church minimalism.

VOL: As you retire from your current post, you dropped a book on the Anglican communion titled THE FUTURE OF ORTHODOX ANGLICANISM that could be described as a nuclear historical bomb. It is shaking up the Anglican world and causing heartburn in some liberal quarters of the Anglican Communion. What possessed you to write this book?

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