Report Warns of Islamic Radicalization in France

Nov 4, 2020 by

by Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute:

A report published in July by a commission of inquiry of the French Senate, the upper house of the French Parliament, has found that “Islamist radicalization” is a “reality” in France. The commission of inquiry, made up of approximately thirty senators, interviewed a large number of researchers, politicians and other experts on the subject.

The commission found the consequences of radicalization alarming, particularly the “dissemination of behaviors that… directly affect freedom of conscience, equality between men and women, and the rights of homosexual persons”.

“[T]his religious revival, for some, is accompanied by a desire to affirm their belief in the public space, in the company, in the school, and of recognition by institutions and public services, which conflicts with the laws of the Republic and secularism”.

“Radical Islamism”, states the report, “is polymorphic, insinuating itself into all aspects of social life and tending to impose a new social norm….”

“Above all, we are witnessing the constitution in certain neighborhoods of an Islamist ecosystem made up of shops, food, clothing, as well as drinking establishments based on a halal standard… Reinforced by propaganda using the learning of Koranic Arabic, the dissemination of extremist literature in specialized bookstores and on market stalls, the desire to impose radical Islam is also based on a discourse… on the internet and social networks… It is a matter, through social and ideological pressure, of enclosing the lives of inhabitants of these neighborhoods, to disqualify any other perspective, to separate from their fellow citizens…”

The report also mentions the role of mosques in the growth of Islamist radicalization:

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