Revisionist Episcopalians trash churches they leave behind

May 3, 2021 by

by David Virtue, Virtueonline:

Orthodox Anglicans clean and leave the keys under the door.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s “beloved community” followers need to act as beloved community believers when they leave their parishes behind in lost court fights.

They don’t.

In truth they behave like pagans, non-Christians. They act spitefully out of anger, trashing and plundering whatever they can, ere they leave, stripping churches to the bare walls, hoping perhaps that no one will notice, or that orthodox folk out of their niceness and loving kindness, which they themselves do not exhibit, will give them a pass.

Following a court determination that Bishop Ryan S. Reed and the Diocese of Ft. Worth who held the majority of the parishes, (55 vs 15) were the legitimate heirs of the diocese; one of the parishes – All Saints Episcopal Church – went on a rampage and stripped the building of literally everything.

Shortly before the Episcopalians had to vacate the church buildings, its members and contractors began stripping, packing, and moving out all the personal property they could. They removed altars, crosses, communion vessels, vestments, office furnishings, Bibles, library books, church music, software for the HVAC system, and every knife, fork, and spatula in the kitchen.

The plundering was so bad, a trial court judge ordered them “immediately” to return all the personal property that had been part of these parish buildings when Relator walked out of the Diocese and sued the Real Parties in April of 2009, that in included the funds, accounts, records, and other financial assets on hand at that time that are needed to support the parish’s ministries and operations.

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