Revolt against coerced conformity

Sep 21, 2020 by

by Melanie Phillips:

Some Conservatives are realising what they must conserve.

At long last, some Conservative MPs are raising their standard for conservatism.

The Times reports today that up to 40 Conservative MPs will refuse to accept the “unconscious bias training” intended to tackle racism in the Commons, accusing the parliamentary authorities of “pandering to the woke agenda”.

Such training has existed for parliamentary staff since 2016 and is now to be extended to MPs. Said one of the rebel group:

I would really rather gouge my eyes out with a blunt stick than sit through that Marxist, snake oil crap.

Well, quite. “Unconscious bias training” doesn’t make any difference to actual racist attitudes. As a black former member of the Commons staff told the paper recently:

Mandatory unconscious bias training has been in place in parliament for years now and it has not made any difference to the racism experienced by black staff.

That’s because it’s not intended to address racial prejudice. It’s intended instead to coerce conformity with approved attitudes — in this case, the anti-white racism of Black Lives Matter, which BLM uses to further its openly-stated agenda of undermining and overthrowing western society.

“Unconscious bias training” is based on the Marxist concept of “false consciousness”. Its sinister, Kafka-esque goal is to persuade people that they are really odious on account of views they don’t even know they have — and the very fact that they don’t know they have these views, or worse still deny having them, is proof of just how odious they are.

It’s an agenda straight out of the Soviet communist playbook. Nevertheless, this onslaught on freedom, rationality and western cultural identity is being ruthlessly applied in companies, public sector bodies and other institutions around Britain and the west.

And in Britain, it’s being enforced by a Conservative government.

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