Right-on Welby boards the white supremacy bandwagon

Jun 7, 2020 by

By Will Jones, The Conservative Woman:

IT HAS been dismaying, to say the least, to see the Western world bow the knee this past week to the racist, far-Left narratives of radical Marxist organisations such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Following the tragic death of George Floyd in police custody and the ensuing protests and riots, dangerous racial tropes such as white privilege and white supremacy, once confined to the fringes of public discourse and academic enclaves dominated by the Left, have begun to appear on the lips of establishment figures around the world.

The latest public figure to fall in line is the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who has issued a statement with the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, decrying the ‘ongoing evil of white supremacy’ and ‘systemic racism’. The statement notably failed to mention, let alone condemn, the appalling rioting, looting and criminality being committed out of opposition to ‘white privilege’ in the United States. 

Welby doubled down a few days later when he attributed the disproportionately negative outcomes for ethnic minorities in the UK coronavirus epidemic ‘certainly’ to ‘endemic and longstanding racism, white supremacy’. Does that mean the disproportionate number of male deaths are certainly down to female supremacy, Mr Welby?

Figures like Welby do not realise they are pawns in a game being played by far-Left forces intent on overthrowing the ‘capitalist’ system of the West. As commentator Thurston Powers observes: ‘It isn’t surprising that Black Lives Matter is a communist organisation, but the type of communism they subscribe to is. They are conservative communists attempting to fold the progressive movement back into traditional Marxism. BLM has turned its back on intersectional theory, the modern conflict theory that birthed safe spaces, trigger warnings, and the Oppression Olympics. Instead, BLM is rebirthing the traditional class struggle, reframing it in terms of black and white.’ 

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