Rights groups condemn Hungarian ban on same-sex adoptions

Dec 19, 2020 by

from AP:

Human rights groups on Wednesday condemned a new Hungarian law that effectively bans adoption for same-sex couples and applies a strict Christian conservative viewpoint to the legal definition of a family.

The amendment, passed by Hungary’s right-wing ruling coalition in parliament on Tuesday, alters the constitutional definition of families to exclude transgender and other LGBT individuals, defining the basis of the family as “marriage and the parent-child relationship,” and declaring that “the mother is a woman and the father is a man.”

The changes are the latest in a series of moves seen by critics as hostile to LGBT rights by Hungary’s nationalist ruling party Fidesz and its hardline leader, Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has long said he was building an “illiberal” Christian democracy.

David Vig, director of rights group Amnesty Hungary, called the passage of the amendment “a dark day for human rights.”

Lawmakers from one opposition party boycotted the parliamentary vote in protest.

Same-sex marriage was constitutionally banned in Hungary in 2012, but civil partnerships are recognized. However, the new amendment declares that only married couples may adopt children, effectively barring same-sex couples or single individuals from doing so.

The amendment also tasks the state with “protecting the right of children to self-identity according to their sex at birth,” and mandates that children be raised “in accordance with the values based on Hungary’s constitutional identity and Christian culture.”

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