RSE in schools: what young people need is more protection, not more sex education

Sep 1, 2020 by

from Christian Today:

A new relationships and sex education (RSE) curriculum takes effect in English schools from this month, teaching children and teenagers “the facts and the law about sex, sexuality, sexual health and gender identity in an age-appropriate and inclusive way”.

Under the curriculum, LGBT content is to be “fully integrated” into RSE lessons, while at secondary school, the teaching will introduce “knowledge about intimate relationships and sex”.

The curriculum is compulsory and the rights of parents to withdraw their children will be restricted.  While parents will be allowed to withdraw their child from sex education up to the age of 15, there is no right to withdraw them from relationships education lessons.

Charlie Colchester, the founder of the Let Kids Be Kids Coalition (LKBKC), is deeply concerned about the curriculum, especially where it concerns parental rights.

The LKBKC is seeking a judicial review against the Department for Education to challenge the legality of regulations around the implementation of RSE.

Charlie speaks to Christian Today about why he believes RSE is problematic, and the change he hopes to bring through a judicial review.

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