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The government has provided new guidance on the teaching of Relationships and Sex  Education in schools (see here for latest documents). There is some good news (teaching of extreme transgender ideology has been restricted), but many concerns remain, not least the lack of freedom to question these policies. Most recent articles at the top:

Campaigners accuse BBC of peddling a ‘damaging’ transgender ideology to primary school pupils in row over controversial children’s cartoonby Stephen Adams, Mail on Sunday

Rethink RSE: promoting a Biblical vision of relationships and sexualityfrom Christian Concern

No Families, No Children, No Futureby Rod Dreher, The American Conservative. “According to private polling shared with Intelligencer by Democratic data scientist David Shor, roughly 30 percent of American women under 25 identify as LGBT… …It’s far too simplistic to say “homosexuality brought down Rome”…the idea is that the greater tolerance for and acceptance of homosexuality was an indicator of the collapse of the shared belief that forming families to produce the next generation was the most important purpose of the civilization, and that a culture’s structures and norms should be constructed to support that mission.”

Shock poll claims 30% of U.S. women under 25 identify as LGBT: dire implicationsby Doug Mainwaring, LifeSite

Calls for international pushback to defeat harmful sex ed and gender ideology in schoolsfrom Christian Today

Should the State Teach Sex Education & “Gender Identity” or Are These Issues For Parents Alone? from The New Culture Forum Channel

Good News on Schools (3) Parents can speak up for marriagefrom Coalition for Marriage

Christians are now being punished for what others thinkby David Robertson, Christian Today

A Christian mother crushed by the LGBT juggernautby Ann Farmer, The Conservative Woman

The curious case of Kristie Higgs: where is the Church of England? by Archbishop Cranmer: “despite her son’s school being a CofE primary, the Church of England has not issued a statement in her defence; not a whisper of compassion; not a word about her rights of freedom of expression and freedom of religion; not a single utterance of reassurance that parents are free to voice their concerns about Relationships and Sex Education…”

The new Department for Education RSE guidance: what should schools look out for? from Transgender Trend

No, the government has not banned anti-capitalism from schools, by Joanna Williams, Spiked

The Next Frontier in the Sexual Revolutionby Scott Yenor, First Things

New RSE guidance provides welcome news to parentsfrom Christian Concern

Twitter accounts critical of RSE are suspendedfrom Christian Today

UK to Penalise Schools Which Don’t Teach Children LGBT Lessonsby Virginia Hale, Breitbart

New LGBT-inclusive education guidance comes with a majorly problematic caveat for trans kids, by Vic Parsons, Pink News

As trans lessons start, can Liz Truss stop the madness? by Caroline ffiske, The Conservative Woman

Judgement reserved in Christian school worker’s LGBT lessons tribunalfrom BBC News

Christian secretary sacked for opposing LGBT education sues schoolby Jack Wright and Georgia Simcox, Mailonline

Why sex education has so successfully increased promiscuity, STDs, abortionby Jonathon Van Maren, LifeSite

Christian sacked for sharing concerns about sex education – case starts todayfrom Christian Legal Centre

Schools that refuse to teach children LGBT+ people exist will face strict consequences from OFSTED

by Lily Wakefield, Pink News

Parents seek judicial review over controversial relationships and sex education classesfrom Christian Today

How to teach RSE ‘Christianly’by Steve Beegoo, Christian Concern

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