“RSE Schoolgate campaign” and website launched

Jun 16, 2019 by

From schoolgatecampaign.org:

Under current sex education policy, we have seen the UK claim the prize for:

• the highest number of teenage pregnancies in Europe

• sexually transmitted infections in UK teenagers at epidemic levels (many incurable)

• an alarming increase in child-on-child sexual assaults.

Rather than dealing with any of these issues, the new Relationships and Sex Education (R(S)E) curriculum could be even more harmful for children. While we support the government’s resolve to end bullying in schools, and acknowledge the need for children to understand about diversity, we do not believe that the state should take other people’s children and teach them unhelpful ideologies that their parents (and science) disagree with.

Confusing friendship

Teaching children from a very early age, that they might be one of 2% of the population who have sexual love for their own sex, hijacks and potentially perverts the course of natural child development. For example, children of primary school age are generally friends with members of the same sex. If a young girl “loves” her same-sex best friend, she could be led to think, utterly erroneously, “I am gay”.

“Choose your gender”

Children will be told “You can be a girl or a boy”. Unsupported by scientific evidence, this is confusing and potentially very distressing for a child. To accommodate gender dysphoria, the mental disorder which affects only a tiny fraction of one percent of the population, RSE “teaching” will potentially traumatise millions of children…

…Not happy? Take action…

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