Ruined lives, wrecked minds – the terrible cost of cannabis

Feb 12, 2019 by

by Ollie Wright, The Conservative Woman:

ALEX Berenson’s book, Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence, opens with a horror story. A mentally ill Australian woman, Raina Thaiday, stabbed to death her seven children and an eighth child, her niece. According to health professionals who examined Thaiday, her use of cannabis was almost certainly a major factor in her illness and therefore in the ghastly tragedy of the killings.

Thaiday’s case is an extreme example, but not unique. Using a wide range of evidence from around the world, Berenson demonstrates a strong and clear relationship between cannabis and various psychiatric conditions, including psychosis and, all too often, the use of violence.

He debunks old ideas of earlier generations that cannabis was almost benign and a simple feel-good relaxant: a highly disputable claim eagerly used by its adherents over the last four decades to justify the legalisation of this drug. In the last two decades, the potency of the vast bulk of cannabis being consumed has increased significantly, with the harm cannabis has always been capable of causing increasing proportionately. Not just in America, as dramatically described in the Atlantic last summer, but in Britain too. A study in 2016 by researchers from King’s College London, who analysed cannabis from 1,000 police seizures, showed that 94 per cent had a ‘dangerously high’ potency.

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