Russian Orthodox Church continues to grow, adding 10 new dioceses in last year

Dec 2, 2017 by

by Harry Farley, Christian Today:

The Russian Orthodox Church’s expanding reach continues with 10 new dioceses added in the past year alone.

On top of this the number of clerics also continued its steady growth with 521 more added in the last year, taking the total to 39,414. Outside of Russia, the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) has spread its influence with 900 ROC parishes and monasteries overseas, according to official figures.

‘Almost every community of the Moscow Patriarchate in the far-abroad countries has a Sunday school, catechetical courses and activities for preserving the native language and culture and for educating the younger generation,’ Patriach Kirill told the annual Bishops’ Council meeting on Wednesday.

In his remarks he also highlighted the consecration of a new ROC cathedral in London – a ceremony he conducted on a UK visit that included meetings with the Archbishop of Canterbury and foreign office ministers.

Justin Welby returned the visit earlier this month, travelling to Moscow and meeting Kirill along with senior Russian politicians.

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